Together Electronic Art Show at Diode Gallery




Featuring artwork by: Alisa Akay, Chris Arth, Lindsey Bacon, Jey Biddulf, John Brown, Surya Buchwald, Robert Linnemann, Bill McKessy, Josh Michaels, Dimitrii Pokrovskii, Daniel Tankersley, and Libbey White

Together is an experiment in collaborative art creation hosted by the Diode Gallery for Electronic Art. For the past several months a group of artists & engineers from Portland have gathered building electronic artworks that all react to a common touch screen. Visitors will get to interact with a single display in the middle of the gallery that impacts the appearance of every piece of art on display.

Utilizing the TUIO protocol and a number of creative technologies including Processing, Unity, Javascript, and PixelPushers the group has done something never before attempted: a multiple-artist electronic installation where all individual artworks both stand on their own and contribute to a larger collective work.

Starting Thursday August 7th select artworks will be on display in the gallery window. The window installation will evolve until August 16th when the complete installation will be revealed. To experience the show in its totality be sure to stop by the gallery over the next two weeks as we reveal the show piece by piece through the window.

There is a limited amount of room for visitors in the gallery space. We are releasing more tickets than we have space to accomidate people at one time. We encourage people to come at various times throughout the 4 hour opening period to help distribute the crowd.

This show is funded by a generous grant from the AWESOME foundation. We extend our sincerest thanks to them for supporting this effort. We would also like to thank Second Story, Instrument, and Helios Interactive who provided space and equipment for the show.

About My TUIO Piece

A multidirectional animated GIF controlled by TUIO.


  • C# ( Mono .NET )
  • OpenTK (OpenGL 2.1)
  • GLSL 1.2
  • TUIO