Shape of Story


The audience members at Shape of Story used a smartphone-enabled web application to “tag” moments of emotional impact while watching seven short films. A visualization of their aggregated marks was shown after each short while they submitted comments to contextualize their reactions. The shape of each story and a curated selection of comments were displayed on the big screen during the discussion held after the screening. The crowd feedback helped structure the conversation. With the aid of a facilitator, Shape of Story can transform a traditional movie theater into a dynamic space for dialogue and debate, resulting in a memorable and informative collective experience.

You can learn more about the project on the Second Story Project Page or this Blog Post about the event.

My Involvement

For this project I was the lead developer & full web stack engineer. I developed the following components:

  • Logic Server

    • NodeJS

      • Express

      • Mongoose

    • MongoDB

  • Presentation Web Application

    • HTML / CSS / JavaScript

    • Backbone / Require

    • Raphael

In addition to developing the web application that enabled this event I also managed our web stack. This involved configuration and load testing.