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There is a newfound sense of openness and accessibility in both the collection itself and the way the museum has responded to it that is encouraging, particularly in the website, which allows everyday visitors to follow their own curatorial instincts and interests, rather than being led by a single omniscient point of view. This is undeniably one of the best photography shows of the year, not only because it dazzles us with astonishing pictures and teaches us something new, but because it signals an approach to scholarship full of curiosity, inclusiveness, and maturity


Awards / Recognition

HOW International Design Awards, Merit, Infographics, November 2015

W³ Awards, Silver, Websites: Art, September 2015

Interactive Media Awards, Best in Class, Arts/Culture, August 2015

Interactive Media Awards, Best in Class, Photography, August 2015

Creativity Media & Interactive Design Awards, Platinum/Best in Category, Infographic – Campaign or Series, May 2015

Communication Arts WEBpick of the Week, March 2015

Awwwards, Honorable Mention, January 2015